Inline Style Dispersion Flow Meter [ATMF8000-IS]

SMC inline mass Flowmeters are thermal dispersion type, utilizing the constant temperature difference method of measuring Gas Mass Flow Rate. It contains two reference grade platinum RTD sensors clad in a protective 316 SS sheath. Features include direct mass flow measurement for gases, wide range-ability, low pressure drop, excellent low end sensitivity, and no moving parts. The SMC ATMF series is microprocessor based and does not have any potentiometers. Electronics can be Integral Style, or remote mount with rugged, windowed dual compartment enclosure with local or remote display. Four models are available ranging from the low cost blind meters to the more advanced SP models.
Calibration Self Check: The flowmeter has built in diagnostics - a display of the calibration milliwatts (mw) can be used to check the sensor’s operation by being compared to the original reported “zero flow” value noted on meter’s Certificate of Conformance (last few lines) and metallic tag. This convenient in-situ field diagnostic procedure verifies that the original factory calibration hasn’t drifted, shifted, or changed. This “Sensor Functionality and Zero Self Check” also verifies that the sensor is free from contamination, even without inspection.

Download / View PDF :ATMF8000-IS_CSTC.pdf