High Pressured Magnetic Flow Meter [ALMAGHP]

  The SmartMeasurement ALMAGHP is a high pressured electromagnetic flow meter designed to measure the flow rates of conductive liquids in applications with high operating pressures. The robust design of the ALMAGHP allows it to be used in applications with pressures in excess of 6000 psig (42 Mpa).  

  Line sizes ranging from ¼" to 8" (6 mm to 200 mm) can be accommodated by the ALMAGHP high pressured mag meter, with available process connections including ANSI, DIN, and JIS-type flanges. A wide selection of options are also available for the display/converter module including integral or remote mounting, 110-220 VAC or 17-26 VDC power, and HART, RS485 and Profibus communications.  

  This high pressured electromagnetic flow meter’s unique ability to withstand high pressures, combined with its wide array of available features, makes it an ideal choice for many applications and industries. The ALMAGHP has been successfully used in high pressure fluid injection, steel, chemical, and mining operations, as well as a variety of industrial applications.  

Download / View PDF :ALMAGHP_CSTC.pdf