Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement

  SmartMeasurement's ALSONIC-EG energy meters employ the proven transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement technique combined with two PT 100 temperature sensors (or customer-supplied RTD sensors) for calculating total and instantanious energy consumption. Flow measurement may be achieved via clamp-on, spool piece, or insertion-type sensors. Our microprocessor based, user friendly field programmable flow measurement technique creates no interruption of the process flow and allows for easy installation. The ALSONIC-EG is available with a variety of features that make it adaptable to many different applications. Available transucer types include clamp-on, in-line, and insertion. Wall-mount, panel-mount , pipe-mounted and compact din-rail mounted display types are also offered. Additional available features include pulse, 0-20 mA & 4-20 mA outputs, RS-232 communication, user-selectable engineerig units, and a data logger funtion. This variety of features, combined with its low cost, make the ALSONIC-EG an ideal choice for economical BTU monitoring in many applications involving chillers, radiators, and heat exchangers.  


Download / View PDF :ALSONIC-EG_CSTC.pdf